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Here is a answer of all views question about what is web hosting? & How to required web Hosting?

Web hosting means a virtual place to host all the digital files, which are necessary to run your website. For a website, in order to run it requires a permanent base where its support files are stored and accessed by users. It is quite similar to the address of your house, as your house can be reached by specific address or pointer, so does a website can be reached through its permanent web address. No website can exist without taking help of a web hosting services.

Web hosting works by sending user to the IP address of your web hosting company’s server when the input of web address in given in search query of any browser. The web hosting server and its storage computers contains all the files of your website.

Web hosting service providers basically provide storage and website serving facility. While big companies have their own web hosting facility, not everyone can afford to have their own so that’s where web hosting services come in play. You can learn more about choosing appropriate web hosting service and how to use it by our article on WordPress.

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